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Why Nuvebs?

Nuvebs Team dedication and kindness goes beyond our services, with the willing of always serving better our customers and make them happy and earn their loyalty. Making customers happy, makes our day every day.

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All Nuvebs services, servers, softwares are monitored 24x7x365 by our monitoring team experts. Any interruption on our side or Third parties Worldwide, we take imadiate action to keep you up an running. We really care about our customers and partners.


System alerts in any downtime event. For quick response and quick solution.


Quick investigation and action on high spikes situations.


We work around the clock to keep everything running 100%.


Our team will detect and solve uncomming events precisely.

What else our monitoring offers?

Besides our free monitoring all of our services, we offer monitoring services to business that wants a extra layer of prevention. We can monitor in real time you servers on the cloud on your premises.

Protect the epicenter of your IT service with Monitis Agent-based Server/Device Monitoring, available for Windows® and Linux®; offering you a monitoring for CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Bandwidth, TCP, etc.

Who says you need to invest in expensive solutions to monitor your server performance? Our server monitoring tool allows you to check key performance indicators and detects server performance issues free or customized plans. Server monitoring service from Monitis protects the epicenter of your IT service. Get broad visibility over your servers’ health and performance. And because Monitis is cloud-based, you will be able to monitor all those processes at any time and from anywhere, saving you time and avoiding late night and weekend emergencies

Get ready to quickly detect and resolve application issues. You can extend your application monitoring capabilities with Monitis’ plugin architecture. Application monitors are available for MySQL, MSSQL, JMX/Java and Nginx and more.

If your web application is up and running, everything must be fine, right? Not necessarily! There’s always a risk whereby your website may appear to be working fine, but application flow’s key parts, such as shopping carts, registration pages, etc. may not be functioning properly. Monitis enables you to track the performance of your websites and the whole underlying infrastructure - servers, networks, applications and user experience in a single dashboard.

Be sure that your networks are protected and tuned with Monitis agent-based monitoring, available for Windows® and Linux®; offering you a monitoring for a wide range of network devices, such as, switches, phone systems, servers, etc.

Maintaining your network doesn’t have to drive you crazy. IT networks of all sizes use Monitis to quickly detect and resolve network performance issues and outages. We provide agent based and agentless monitoring for a wide range of network devices, including switches, phone systems, and Windows® and Linux® servers. Moreover, you can monitor even firewalls, switches, printers, VoIP devices with our SNMP monitoring.

Whar else?

  • RUM (Real User Monitoring) for users with your website.
  • Powerful website monitoring made easy.
  • Custom Monitoring, with open API.
  • Mail Server monitoring, monitor round trip delivery processes.
  • Affordable Prices! Contact us!

What we can do for you?

  • Business Executives

    Website downtime or slow performance, we help you.

  • IT Specialists

    Discover faster, the reasons of downtimes.

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