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Why Nuvebs?

Nuvebs Team dedication and kindness goes beyond our services, with the willing of always serving better our customers and make them happy and earn their loyalty. Making customers happy, makes our day every day.

  • Address: Rua Padre Carapuceiro 752, Sl 307
  • Centro Empresarial Queiroz Galvão
  • Tower: Vicente Rego Monteiro
  • Recife - PE, Brazil - 51020-280
  • Phone: +55(81)4042.1982
  • Email:

Who We Are?

Nuvebs Cloud Solutions is a company borned in Pittsburgh-PA, USA with the idea of taking the latest Cloud IT solutions to small, midsize and Big businesses. All of our services and solutions are brought with a dedicated support that will make the migration from your old service provider to Nuvebs easily and reliablely.

All of our solutions are created thinking on the best and easiest way that customers can deploy, use and manage their services in our system. Using the latest servers technologies with robust infrustructures and reliable links worldwide. Making all services been accessible quickly in any continent. Always using the greenest Data Centres worldwide, powered with Wind and Watercoolent technology. Using less energy and keeping prices more afortable. Every solution that are made is a combination of our team effort and partnerships with the worldwide leaders on Cloud market. Making possible to offer what is best on worldwide link and communications infrustructures and Hyghend Technology.

Our Mission

Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

We love to make our customers Happy and overwhelme with their services and support we offer. Always giving the best services with great and green infrastructure that it is offered Worldwide.

Is more than a pleasure and a mission to offer the best solutions that are available worldwide to our customers. It is our responsability as society and humans to work the greenest way as possible and keep our planet clear and safe for our future heritages. That's why we are always looking the best and environmentally conscious Data Centres Worldwide to partner and work with. Working with Wind and water coolent technology to energised our servers infrastructures.

15+ Years Experience

Our experience that you can count on

Do not worry about your services and infrastructure. Focus on your work and growth of your business. We take care of the solutions for you. All of our services and servers are very well taking care off by the most experience team worldwide.

Every solution offered is tested at least six month or a year before been offered to our customers. That way we guarentee a excelent quality product to all of our customers. All users can use our dedicated support Worldwide that offers a diferential customer support that can count on! We really care about our customers and partners. All this dedicated support is totally FREE including in all of our services. As an addiontal support service, we can access your computer remotely.

Why Choose Us?

why Nuvebs is different than any other competitor

It is realy true that we do care about all of our customers. We are pationed and happy for all we do. For who are not computer savvy, we offer as an additional customer service, remote access support and email configuration.

  • Project Management
  • Monitoring Services
  • Security Services
  • Dedicated Support
  • Ticket system
  • Solutions advice
  • Remote Access support
  • Business consulting
  • Awesome support
  • Competetive prices
  • More than one currency payments
  • Multilanguage support
  • Latest Technology
  • Wordwide Datacentres
  • Reliable Network

We can help with

  • Solutions Smart Ideas for your business
  • Hosting Best hosting solutions worldwide
  • Servers Latest VPS & Dedicated tecnology
  • Support People that cares about you!

Every Solution we offers is very well thought and taken care for you!

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