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Nuvebs A1 Business
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No need of a local server. Manage users access rights to folder & files, storage capacity & more from anywhere online.

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01. About Nuvebs A1 Business

Business Collaboration Files

Work in collaboration with your teams from anywhere and work as they were on your Local Network.

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View your files anywhere

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30 versions of any file in the cloud

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1TB up to Unlimited Storage

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Restore deleted files

02. Our benefits

Nuvebs A1 Backup Features

You can be sure your files are safe and secure. We keep multiple copies of your files and we encrypt them with military-grade encryption.

Unlimited online

Backup your whole PC or Mac, no matter how many files you've got.

Simple & hassle

Installs in minutes. Automatically backs up your files while you work.

View your files

Log in online at any time to view your files and download them.


Setup the time you want to backup and limit the bandwidth.

Local Files Transfers

Will transfer files between computers directly over your local network.


Your online files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption.

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03. Management Portal

Cloud Admin Portal

Manage users and storage on a Cloud Base Administrator portal. Give users and groups permitions to access to Files & folders. Easy to use, no advance skills required.

Team Folders

Work and share files between your team on a seperate folder and keep your personal files private on the same container.


With just some clicks, give groups and users view/read/write access rights without any advance skill requirement.

04. Features

Backpack awesome features

BackPack appears as a new drive on your Mac or PC. You can use it like any other drive. Drag and drop files and open them in your favourite apps. It's synced to the cloud and between all of your computers, so your files goes with you anywhere.

You can view, share, edit files and watch your videos online.
Share your files privately or public. Simple and fast through the web or app.
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Using multiple computers on the same network? Will transfer files between computers directly over your local network, saving time and bandwidth.
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05. Backup Devices

Unlimited Backup Storage

Backup protects your precious files by keeping a copy safely online. It's hassle-free, easy-to-install. Backup all your important files, no matter how many you've got!

Mobile Backup

Backup your Mobile (Smartphone or Tablet) Videos & Pictures through your Wifi or 3G/4G Network.

Desktop Devices

Windows or Mac, we've got you covered. Backup all your home or office computer files on our Nuvebs A1 Backup.

05. 1TB Starting Block Storage


Mobile Access

Travel and have access to you files in any device worlwide.

Files Access

Log in online at any time to view your files and download them.


Setup the time you want to backup and limit the bandwidth

Super fast transfers

We do not limit your transfer speeds or bandwidth.

$ 12.00 /user/month*

Business Collaboration

  • 1TB Starting Storage
  • Files and Folders Permitions
  • 30 file versions
  • *Billed anually
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