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Why Nuvebs?

Nuvebs Team dedication and kindness goes beyond our services, with the willing of always serving better our customers and make them happy and earn their loyalty. Making customers happy, makes our day every day.

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Pro Suite. Best of Both Worlds

Backup & BackPack. Share and Access your files Anywere!

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Pro Suite Overview

NuvebsA1 BackPack is a personal storage space for your files and it comes with up to 2TB of cloud storage! It's synced between all of your PCs and Macs, and is accessible from anywhere online.

BackPack appears as a new drive on your Mac or PC. You can use it like any other drive. Drag and drop files and open them in your favourite apps. It's synced to the cloud and between all of your computers, so your files go with you anywhere.

  • Backup, share, access anywhere
  • The same files on every computer
  • Share files easily
  • Works on Mac and Windows
  • Local Network Files Transfer

Our Features

Reliable features that you can count On!

PC and Mac

The same files synced on every PC and Mac.

SFTP and WebDAV Access

Advanced users can use FTP or SFTP to access their BackPack.

One click sharing

Share large files to your friends, family or colleagues.

Set your files free

You can view and even edit files on your BackPack from any web browser.

Restore files at any time

Easy and Fast restore system. Restore up to 30 versions of your files.


Setup the time you want to backup and limit the bandwidth.


Backup your NAS drive or network storage location for a low cost.

Super fast transfers

We do not limit your transfer speeds or bandwidth.

Local Network Transfers

Using multiple computers on the same network? Will transfer files between computers directly over your local network, saving time and bandwidth.


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