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Why Nuvebs?

Nuvebs Team dedication and kindness goes beyond our services, with the willing of always serving better our customers and make them happy and earn their loyalty. Making customers happy, makes our day every day.

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Marketing automation that listens and learns

Discover what each contact wants and deliver the most effective message to convert them from visitors, to leads, to customers, to advocates.

As you learn about a contact, you can send personalized messages that align perfectly with their interests

Use our drag-and-drop campaign builder to design eye-catching campaigns. Personalize your message to engage your contacts and convert more customers.

Connect popular apps to create a custom stack of best-of-breed solutions with the functionality you need to power your company.

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Why Nuvebs?

We want our products & services improve people's life and make them happy.

Our dedication goes beyond our services. Making customers happy, makes our day every day.


CDN (Content Delivery Network) makes your website load faster on you viewers browser around the world.

Standard Hosting

Free CDN through CloudFlare Network are available on all Standard Hosting plans.

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Products & Services at your budget! Our products & services scales as you and your business grows.


We launch promotions and rebates frequently for annual plans. So you leverage and grow your business.


Our dedicated & experient free support is ready to offer you a exclusive and unique experience at any time.

TICKETS 24x7x365

Our Ticket support are fast and multilgiues capable. We can call you worldwide or access your computer remotly if necessary.

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The Backup & Sync solution that you were looking for!

NuvebsA1 has powerful tools and solutions, unlimited storage, agile structure and an incredible support. We are dedicated to provide you the best experience possible. Read below to discover why the sky is the limit when using NuvebsA1.


Smartphones & Tablets

Download the free app and stay with all your files (Word, Excel, PDF, Photos, Videos, ect.) On the Go!

Unlimited Backup

Affordable plans starting from 512GB to Unlimited. Stunning Backup Quality, 30 backup versions of each file.

NuvebsA1 - Business

Plans Starting from 1TB and 10 users, keep everyone synchronized. High-end features, makes saving on your broadband!

High-end Technology and redundant links!

We love to Innovate. But, we are also Ecological & Social aware and responsible. We are 99% paperless.

Nuvebs Mail

Affordable and Robust emails with 25GB each!

25GB Email

Email return for lack of space, get over it! With 25GB of storage and 50MB limit on attachments, you are ready to do business!

Private and Add Free

Advertising free, we earn no money with your information. We give you a secure communication with the privacy you deserve.

Anti-Spam & Antivirus

Don't worry and say goodbye to spam and viruses. With our protection and anti-spam monitoring with Premium Antivirus.

Backup & Restore

Retrieve messages using Webmail or recover deleted accounts on your Control Panel for up to 14 days, for free.

Mobile & Tablet

Have the best of both worlds. Send, Edit & Synchronize your calendars, emails and more with the Mobile Sync capability with push technology.

Migration Services

We will migrate you from your previous server to our infrastructure for Free. Count on us!

Hybrid with Exchange® Hosted

Hybrid Hosting: Combine Nuvebs Mail and Hosted Exchange® in the same domain for an economic configuration and up to 100GB on Exchange®!


Manage all your users from anywhere in the world instantly. Enable or disable features for your users immediately.

Nuvebs Solutions

In addition to modern and cutting edge, we think and design our solutions so that they are easy to manage.

Our priority is to keep all our customers Happy and Satisfied with our services. That's why we keep cutting edge servers and infrastructure, providing an reliable and redundant network and SLA quality.

Chat, Phone & 24x7 Ticket Support!

We monitor and inform you directly in the event of unforeseen.

Our Skills

We develop systems/applications for your business to become Automated and Smart. So you and your colleagues can focus more on the success of your business. Let our engineers help you!

We use one of the modern and most Eco-Friendly today.

We love helping social projects!

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